Dear Reader,

2020, with its whirlwind of events is coming to a close. As we wind down for the holidays, I find myself looking forward to a quiet holiday season. Something I have not had in many years. There is always somewhere to go, food to cook, cookies to bake and potlocks, and parties, and more parties. Many years I found myself exhausted from my holidays.

This year comes with a different vibe. A different reality. There will be no parties and gatherings. There will be no potlocks, no somewhere to go or events to attend (maybe a few zoom calls...). For myself, this may be one of the rare times that I actually slow down, rest, relax and enjoy.

As I finish up another year, as I always do, I look back on my achievements for 2020 (Not bad!); the things I am grateful for (there's too many to name here); and I create a list of things I want to bring into my life in the coming year (again too many to name here!).

Do you go through a similar reflection at the end of the year?

In this special time, my wish for you is that you are able to find peace in this still holiday season. We are transitioning from the chaos of 2020 into the hope of 2021. A new year that will hopefully bring us more health, more prosperity, more love and simplicity.

From our family to yours, best wishes for a magical Holiday Season.

Much love and blessings,


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